The Project

Agile4HR is an on-going research project with HR people with the intention to get the answer on 2 questions:
  • is Agile HR?
  • how can we create HR Agile

In the economic context of a company, wealth is created by :

  • business value
  • knowledge value
  • optimal utilisation of inner resources including people.
Happy at work?

Being happy at work doesn’t mean being lazy at work, it means working better, more efficiently and to be able to answer this simple question: what kind of value do you create when just doing your job? What kind of value can you create if you are fighting to survive?

Optimisation of resources?

Optimisation of resources means to create an environment where new ideas can be safely tested in a continuous flow of intrinsic innovation.

During the last decade, we learnt from agile and lean that people involvement increase business agility and reduce the response to risk. We tested this in the area of IT now it’s time to involve the whole structure.

The evolution of agile moved practitioners from engineering to organisational design and change management where « human interactions » is key.

Instead fighting against HR, shouldn’t we work together? Shouldn’t we hack HR with them to enable a human centric pivot?

Agile4HR is a collaborative initiative mostly handled by HR people with the purpose to build Agile Organisations Culture.

Like in an agile project, this initiative is iterative, empirical and collaborative.

One year later, 10 countries and cultures later, we discovered common patterns for HR and redefine the traditional IT related relations of Agile Coaches to an enlarged organisational-based role. Consequence of this is that HR doesn’t stand for Human Resources anymore but for Human Relations.

To refine the scope all together we use conferences and workshops in a socialising and interactive manner.

The presentations will explain the vision of this initiative and the cultural differences we faced during our workshops, trainings and meet’ups.

In the context of a conference, we will explain 3 steps:

Step 1: from Agile Coach point of view, how we interfere with organisation transformation, how our roles are operational by coaching people, teams, creating a good morale, creating a sustainable pace, collecting lessons learned and manage on-demand efficient trainings. How we change the corporate culture.


Step 2: from the perspective of HR, how recruitment can be managed, how corporate social responsibility can be managed, how to manage diversity, how to retain high qualified people, how to share the bad news, what’s about personal appraisal, etc.…


Step 3: Unleashed from surviving, work has evolved to something that matters to people. Sense making is one of the drivers in the future of work evolution. Organisations will attract their people with their corporate values: corporate social responsibility i.e. agile will be one of the principal criteria.


Potentially Outcome: the Book

Once a year, we will document our community work through the publication of a book increment

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