Certified Agile Coach Program – AgileSQR

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 18.54.20Agile has drastically evolved since the last twenty years from engineering to organisational development. Besides to this evolution, people wants more and more to be involved with this culture and companies are looking to hire best coaches to accompagny them in this transformation.
AgileSQR is a program for senior coaches willing to engage in a learning journey to improve their knowledge and share with pairs the results from their praxis.
Principles of the certification:

1. Yellow Belt:

  • coaches have attend all the modules and are followed by a Blue or Higher belted mentor.
  • Modules for Yellow Belt
  • Module 1: Agile Principles and Definition of Agile Coaching
  • Module 2: Scrum: Scrum fundamentals. Scrum Coaching finesse
  • Module 3: Kanban: fundamentals. Kanban applied to coaching and Kanban coaching
  • Module 4: Agile Transformation: organisational transformation and measures of progress
  • Module 5: Manage Change
  • Module 6: Communicate, facilitate and build workshops

2. Blue Belt:

  • Yellow belt coaches have improved their knowledge during at least 6 months in organisation with the support of their mentor and inspect&adapt their achievement during a yearly conference in from of their pairs.

3. Black Belt:

  • are Senior Blue Belts mentored by Black or Master Black Belts during at least one year in coaching and mentoring

    Language: by default we will use english but our intention is to adapt ourselves to the audience through foreign languages.


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